\.important connect [two]

The retired diesels have stopped
engines dulled
steam engines long rotted
soot quelled and quashed

The stations survive but no one
wants to stroke their egos
they were once important
we’ll not admit it…

Where they connected the
other connections
there old friends shook
hands and lovers lips met
there are now cobwebs – dirty teabags
an glasses with whiskey residue

The sand still collects in shoes
at the beach but there remain
no feet to fill them

no connection, no connect [two]


Of Course

Of course this poem procures no great wonderment
nor does it produce any invoice that would bring heat,
to the mind of the reader, nor from the placement
of ink from the printer.

Of course it does produce itself from form
from form-ness of itself in itself
but brings no cure and no ills, it just is ‘being ‘
That course is never truer or less of a test
when there is no phenomena of its appearance.

Of Course it has none of anything.


thinkin man ch

                Sitting to a chair
                 like a stereotype
     Looking for inspiration
          without perspiration
    thinking about thinking
                    while the clouds
                     talk to the birds
                            and the seas

forms less than words
more than unmeaning